PASSIONATETo Learn Guitar Music Course

LET'SBegin as Beginner

Feed your passion, win inspiration, achieve confidence as you connect with expert teachers at best guitar classes in India.
Theory base and instrumental basic knowledge on types of guitar
Fundamental skills to learn tune and playing guitar on basic speed
To aware with basic building blocks of music and scaling approach more
To aware with basic building blocks of music and scaling approach more


Our special guitar course grows your firm policies for rhythmic concepts, the instrument, sight reading skills, solo and band performance.
Able to use new harmonic concepts while playing various skills
Can play scales and chords fluently with exact fingering at choose tempos
Able to do impartial harmonies with suspend chords and refine subsets


Winning the conclusion of our guitar course will surely help you to play many types like rock, blues, jazz, soul and funk.
Able to study famous artists and compose own music in all genres.
Specify all styles of harmonic, melodic will sing intervals upon 7th chords
Read and transcribe harmonic, rhythms and melodies series with harmony

Music Course

Music Course

Music Classes

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