EAGERTo Learn Keyboard with the Best Keyboard Classes in Surat


JOINBest Keyboard Classes near Varachha

Make yourself free to increase coordination & dexterity of keyboard playing with our best keyboard classes in Varachha, Surat.
Open up your keyboard learning bottle from how to sit at keyboard, fingering and placement of hands.
And start playing keyboard!

LOOKINGFor Keyboard Classes near Adajan

Make fine-tune your keyboard playing skill and improve your keyboard playing speed with the best keyboard classes in Adajan, Surat.
Understand the note values, beats, tempo and recognizing accidentals
Learn various beats, rest & ties, time signature and keen scale in Keyboard.

CHOOSEThe Best Keyboard Classes near Parvat Patiya

Develop a strong command over the keyboard to fundamental harmonic and rhythmic concepts with Jay's octave school of music, parvat Patiya, Surat.
Play all 12 intervals against 7th chord and spot all modes of major in very easy steps and techniques.
Also learn to write counterpoint in first to fifth species and compose melodies and music.

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Keyboard Classes
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