SHOWYour Finger Magic on Piano

LET'SBegin as Beginner

Make your dream come true by learning piano in an incredible new way with expert teachers at best piano classes in India.
Learn how to sit correctly at piano and make familiar with piano
Learn your way about the piano notes and placement of finger numbering
Learn our music sheet notes, beginning rhythms and even time signatures


Get a solid foundation to take your existing piano playing skill for the next expertise level with our best piano classes in India.
Learn how to perform A major, A flat, A blues, A flat blues scales
Learn how to play piano by ear, read chord chart and finger practice
Learn how to count notes up to 16th notes and know use of rest on piano


Polish your piano playing skill by gain speed of playing repeated notes with expert pianist at Jay’s octave school of music.
Learn Chopin's, forearm technique, voicing, trills and slow practices
Learn to play piano & double notes, loud & soft play and advanced pedaling
Learn poly-rhythms, use of thumb, wrist movement and relaxing left hand

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