BUILDAn Emotional Bond With Singing

LET'SBegin as Beginner

Feel confident to build a better singing voice and push you toward your best voice with Jay's octave school of music in Surat, India.
Learn how to extend singing range with technique and inhale faster
Build your singing stamina, sing notes longer & louder and improve your tone
Learn fundamental of breath, posture, lip trills and vowel modification


Give guarantee yourself to continue to execute success as a singer with our expert instructor at our best singing classes in Surat, India.
Improve composition skill and give an idea into apply in firm music
Learn hints for Riyaz & Studio technique, rhythm and sing with an open voice
Able to sing various style of songs and exposure to new forms of music


Join our best Singing classes to improve and develop your singing techniques to become top singer in Surat, India and get faster growth.
Grow competent in voice qualities and create an unique viable sound
Learn advanced live singing techniques, vocal fry, and whistle register
Improve knowledge of breathing, range, pitching, projection, retraction

Music Course

Music Course

Music Classes

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