DEVELOPYour Passion For Harmonium

WHY ONLINEHarmonium Learning

Develop your harmonium playing talent with our custom and professional organized online harmonium playing lessons in India.
Get well crafted, customized, supportive and personalized lessons
Enhance dexterity, hand & fingering coordination and learn at your own pace
Learn at your own time and catch extra supportive videos and guidance

LET'S SEEWhat Do You Gain?

We provide daily new live online harmonium class. Get new skills and types of speed for it with our online harmonium course lessons.
Learn in depth voice style and concepts and techniques of harmonium
Learn to play notes in many speed and know hand, finger and sitting pose
Learn different song's speed and advanced of raga and swara techniques
Online Harmonium Classes - Jays Octave

HOWDo We Teach You?

Earn harmonium playing skill from beginner to advance online on Google Meet, Zoom meeting, Skype and WhatsApp
Get high-quality class with customized live video call and features
Tracking learning progress and practices with progress tracking dashboard
Get extra personalized and in depth training from end to end lessons

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Music Course

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