FEELINGCrazy for Keyboard Instrument Playing


WHY ONLINEKeyboard Learning?

Teach yourself how to play keyboard with our experts, customized and professional designed online keyboard playing lessons.
Get tailored, advanced supportive lessons and learn at your pace
Teach you perseverance with multitasking skills and develop sense of pitch
Enhance dexterity, hand coordination and improve emotional intelligence

LET'S SEEWhat Do You Gain?

Our online keyboard classes will assemble a foundation with concepts of beats, rhythms, tempo, and note values of keyboard learners.
Able to play & read 7th chord and major & minor scales in all keys
Learn the dynamic control on weighted keys and play keyboard with right pose
Learn to play various contemporary style and able to apply counterpoint
Online Keyboard Classes - Jays Octave School of Music

HOWDo We Teach You?

Google Meet, Zoom meeting, Skype and WhatsApp are modern and personalized platforms to develop your keyboard skills with us.
Know all beats, scales, note values, rest & ties and time signature
Able to play intervals, learn to write counterpoints and compose melodies
Learn how to sit at keyboard, pose hands, fingering and knows all notes

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Music Course

Music Classes

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