CURIOUSTo Playing Piano Instrument's Magic

WHY ONLINEPiano Learning?

Learn your piano playing curiosity with our live supportive class and videos by experts at best online piano classes in India.
Get well-prepared lessons and never restricted geographically
Learn customized piano lessons by your comfort with showing live practices
Make you self learner with direct communication and responsibilities

LET'S SEEWhat Do You Gain?

Grow your piano playing talent and gain your piano playing goal to be a master pianist with our best online piano lessons in India.
Learn to playing double note, read chord chart and how to count notes
Able to understand basic fundamentals of piano playing and learn signature
Learn loud & soft play, advanced pedaling, poly-rhythms and voicing

HOWDo We Teach You?

Bring your piano class and expert teacher at your home with fingertips with our Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, Skype & WhatsApp.
Knowing fingering, piano notes, scales, wrist and hand position
Aware with advanced pedaling, poly-rhythms and chopin’s forearm technique
Direct practice of playing piano by ear, read chord chart and free left hand

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Music Course

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